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RVA Security Offers Event Security Preparedness

RVA Security provides an extra layer of security for every event. Our services include: event security, crowd management, team security, traffic control,  and more.

Sports Event Security in Phoenix, Arizona

Sports Security Consulting in Phoenix, Arizona

RVA Security Offers Event Security Preparedness

With the rise in unpredictable and unprecedented criminal acts of violence in public, private, and workplace environments, RVA Security assists clients in putting together a high-level security assessment for their business, leadership team, employees, or event. The personnel we employee at RVA Security are leaders in their perspective discipline. Many are either currently working fulltime or retired from careers in law enforcement and/or the military.
We provide security guards, in uniform, business formal clothing, or casual attire for your organization’s events, depending on client needs and expected threats or identified risks. This is accomplished through communication and partnership, as well as security solutions that bring safety and tranquility to hosts and attendees alike.

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